S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl

  • "After downloading the tracks everybody is so excited about the music! Stalker will rock in many respects, and undeniably music is one of those!"
    (Oleg Yavorsky, Senior PR Manager GSC Game World)

Immortal 3

  • "The big surprises of the album are the piano version of Ambermoon, performed by Matthias Steinwachs himself, as well as Mike Clarkes Theatre of War, a less well known representative of Amiga's sound paradise. The soundtrack of Death Mask belongs to the last-mentioned category [and is] one of the most diversified and best tracks on this sampler."
    (, 09/2006, German)
  • "Rather melodic but at the same time more dramatic, Death Mask powers forth. "
    (, 06/2006, German)

Merregnon 2

  • "Merregnon 2 completely knocked me out of my chair! When you throw this CD in, and crank the volume, you get 76 minutes of the coolest music, thanks to the cooperation of different composers which gave every title its own style, while keeping an over-all consistancy. Hollywood phenoms such as Danny Elfman and James Horner could not have done it any better. Everybody who liked the soundtracks of Lord of the Rings or Princess Mononoke will love Merregnon 2. Compared to Merregnon 2, most well-known movie soundtracks are like the sound of a wooden spoon against a hollow bowl!"
    (, German Game Magazine)
  • "Coming along epic bombastic and very symphonic. Sounding like an epos to one of the big movies, like Troja and Gladiator [...] The luxurious booklet is simply beautiful and expensivly designed. ('Merregnon 2's') music sounds like soundtracks must sound"
    (Astan, German Music Magazine)
  • "You simply have to listen to this CD and enjoy - the music is awesome, and meanwhile you can read the booklet, day-dream or use the texts as an inspiration to enhance own role playing games with atmosphere"
    (Windgefluester, German Role Playing Magazine)
  • "The result ('Merregnon 2') is simply breath-taking. [...] I recommend everyone to buy this album who has just a bit of interest in game soundtracks"
    (DemoNews, German Game Magazine)
  • "We get completely developed music titles with different emotional effects, while keeping the music on a scale between Richard Wagner and Sergio Leone [...] ('Merregnon 2') again delivers a classic core, which, given the background of the composers and the project leaders, could have rivaled any fantasy video game"
    (X - Zine, German Online Magazine)
  • "A complex world of living sounds where the music sometimes is elfish tender and melodious, or burly brute like a deplyoment of an Orc - army [...] Game music of Hollywood quality"
    (Mac Life, German Magazine)
  • "Volume 2 has taken all the qualities of its predecessor and improved upon them. Merregnon 2 brings together breath-taking compositions of the best from the video game and demo scene, with flawless technical quality, a gorgeous fantasy story and top notch illustrations"
    (AMIGAplus, German Amiga Magazine)

Remix64 V2

  • "Markus Holler's track Mountains of Sorrow has that Asian-traditional-music feel, but its authentic flute and vocal performances make it rather peaceful and moving.
    What I think is a real violin adds a nice dimension to Parallax's The Dark Waltz. Overall, this is my favorite track on the album, as it incorporates a nice, growly bass, some great jazz guitar licks, and a solid use of percussion and drums. Its eerie progression and swinging tempo (I am a sucker for 3/4 rhythms) make it haunting yet soothing." (, Feb. 2004)

Chicago 1930

  • Sound: 84% (, 11/2003)
  • Music: 83% (PC Joker 12/2003)
  • "The music perfectly fits to the game..."
    Sound: 79% (, 11/2003)
  • "The atmosphere profits from the 30ies style music."(Computerbild - Spiele)

Cold Zero

  • Sound: 88% (PC Action 03/2003)
  • "...very good soundtrack..."
    Background music: very good
    Sound: 87% (, March 2003)
  • Sound: 89% (, April 2003)


  • "This project is just fascinating" (Chris Hülsbeck)
  • " 13 composers of well known game soundtracks have come together for a fantastic musical project: This disc is a hit! [...] This first concept album in this field Merregnon is unique." (PC Joker 11/2000)
  • "It was worth it: A CD appeared, that includes 74 minutes of impressive, orchestral music." (Music for the Masses, Gamesmania 10.09.2000)
  • "An orchestral piece of music art ... 'Merregnon' is the new number one". (
  • "Excellent music... the real dream team of composers is involved here!" (Amiga Review)
  • "A rousing brand of music ... 'Merregnon' unites some of the brightest young talents in the composing world". (Epic Sound, Soundtrack Central)
  • "Possibly the best scene CD..."(Remix64, Sept. 2001)


  • "Bacterias colorful graphics [...] and the driving techno-soundtrack are fascinating."" (GameStar 06/2001)
  • "The game is designed for fast Action, [...]driving techno sounds and fat soundeffects fit well to the action."(GameStar 10/2001)
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